After School Program

The After School Program engages students in the theatrical skills of drama, music, and dance. Students develop confidence in themselves and trust in a team as they prepare for a term end performance. This program is offered at three skill levels, which are determined by age and experience.

Beginning: For students 5-8 1
Using acting, song, dance and sign language, children bring stories to life on stage. They learn all aspects of theater and what it takes for the show to go on!

Intermediate: For students 8-12
As they learn on stage and backstage practices, students help produce a school play. While exercising their skills in acting, musical numbers, building sets, costumes and props, they journey through the life of a show.

Advanced: For students 10-14
Using the skills and discipline of professional theater, students perfect their craft while performing monologues, studying character, and rehearsing musical numbers. Students at this level work closely with Encinitas Country Day School's productions.

After School Program Dates

Fall Term, 2015 Spring Term, 2016
October 1st - January 21st, 2016 February 17th - May 17th
For Beginning Level students on Thursdays. For All Level students (this program is a part of the spring musical)


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  1. Skill level is determined by age and experience. Scholarships are available. ↩