Polestar Summer Performing Arts Workshops

July 10th through August 4th

Children acquire a tremendous sense of accomplishment as they participate in this intensive summer program and create the summer of their lives. Facilitated by professionals, participants choose an area of focus and explore the imagination of drama, the captivation of voice, the creativity of dance, and the expressiveness of instrumental music. Performers will also take field trips to theaters, music venues, recording studios and more so they gain a working understanding of what's out there in the performing arts world. Culminating in a final performance, children who have given their all to studying an instrument, training their voice, rehearsing a dance, or running a scene hear the applause of the crowd and see their dreams come true.


Scholarships are available


Download, complete, and return the Musical Theatre Camp Flyer & Registration Form (pdf).

These are theater arts skills workshops for students 7-13.